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"I have been using Iba, Symonds & Dunn for 16 years. Their professionalism and excellent work product, coupled with  their unflappability in any situation, has kept me as a loyal customer. They always deliver a quality product without fail - and at an  economical price to boot. There is a reason Iba, Symonds & Dunn have been in business so long - excellent quality and customer service consistently delivered."
Julie D. Elkins
Zipse, Elkins &  Mitchell


During the years we have served the Portland legal community, we have acquired a depth and breadth of experience in cases as varied as construction and design to personal injury; from employment and labor disputes to domestic relations and general business litigation; from intellectual property and products liabilities to workers' compensation; from real estate to securities and utilities.

Below is a list of the services we currently offer our clients:  

  • Conference room
  • Condensed transcripts
    - Highly legible condensed transcripts (Four or eight pages on one page)
  • Realtime reporting
  • Expedited transcripts
  • All-Word index
  • Archive of transcripts
  • Litigation support
  • Transcripts available in all electronic formats
    - Available Formats Include: .txt, .pdf, etran, ASCII, etc
  • Nationwide referrals
  • Videotaped depositions: With our professional colleagues at Limelight Video, we can provide you with the following services:
    - Depositions on DVD, CD, VHS, or other formats.
    - Video/transcript synchronization
    - Deposition editing for playback at trial, arbitration, mediation, etc.
    - Exhibit scanning and many more services available
    For additional video services, contact Limelight Video Productions at: www.limelightvid.com